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Dance with us on Camera or simply just enjoy the music off camera.

You do not have to go live on Camera to enjoy RomantiKa.

However, if you like to connect with others and enjoy the energy of the group, join us on Camera and say “Hi.”

We have created some Shared Agreements / Container for the benefit and fun experience for all our members who wish to dance on Camera with us.

You need to agree to our Shared Agreements to be approved as a Member. If not, you can always simple agree and keep your camera off and enjoy the music and the visuals.

We understand that this vision may not be shared by everyone and that’s okay.

We would like to make our intention as clear as possible so Members who have the same intention as ours are, also, clear and in agreement in this co-creation!

We see RomantiKa as a place where like-minded Members can join in creating closer, harmonious, respectful, caring and Loving connections, while enjoying our love for music and dancing together, or while simply just enjoy the music off camera and share the love in the chat room.

We have a vision and we would like to honour it and we trust that everyone joining will honour it, as well.

To support each one of us individually and as members, in creating an atmosphere/space where everyone can show up authentically and feel safe, we have formulated these simple agreements for everyone to agree-with and accept…if this is your choice.

In an effort to keep the visual experience as fun and engaging as much as possible, we may turn off cameras if:

We only see a blank wall for a long time and we need room for other members joining us on the screen.

You’re wearing a mask (COVID masks accepted, of course)

Your camera is moving all over the place.

You are displaying object / images not in alignment with our intentions, as mentioned above.

Not to show / promote any obvious alcoholic drinks on camera or in the chat room. We would like to discourage drinking on camera, however, you can drink off camera of course.

RomantiKa is a club for adults only members. (Only adults are allowed on camera at anytime)

You can always turn you camera back on anytime you are ready to join us live on screen.

 Photos, Images and Screen grabs

We ask for you to agree NOT to Take, Post or Share Photos, Images and Screen grabs from RomantiKa Zoom Club without written permission from us, first.

Respect Everyone’s Privacy

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussions make groups great, but may also be sensitive and private. What’s shared in the group should stay in the group.

Medea & Ivan